Extended Dental/Vision Priority Enrollment Deadline

Leslie Edwards, the benefits administrator for UAW/UMass Health & Welfare Trust, has informed GEO that Delta Dental and EyeMed Vision has been able to process dental and vision insurance enrollments at a faster rate than in past years.  Because of that, she has been able to extend the deadline for priority enrollment to October 31.  If you sign up online at the Dental Trust’s website and submit the signed form to the GEO Office, 201 Student Union by October 31, you will be covered retroactively to the start of the plan year on November 1.

Next Insurance Meeting 8/3/2010

If you didn’t get a chance to come to our last insurance information and discussion meeting, there will be another one tomorrow, August 3.

These serve to explain the changes in the SHIP (co-pays, plan year maximums) as well as explain the state of our Health and Wellness Trust and what changes need to be made.

We also will discuss the ways the administration has mislead and underfunded us, and what we can do about it.

Come join us in the North Village Community Room, H2, for pizza at 7:30pm.

Health and Dental Insurance Meetings–Need Your Input

In light of the unilateral changes to our SHIP co-payments and the proposed changes to our dental insurance, GEO will be hosting a series of informational meetings.

We’ll have information on the changes and will be soliciting feedback, giving surveys and discussing the impacts of these policies on different populations of graduate students. We’ll also be discussing how to organize GEO around these issues and our next steps as a union.

Join us:
Tuesday, July 27 at 4:30 pm in the Campus Center room 803.  We’ll have coffee and snacks.

Tuesday, August 3 at 7 pm in the North Village Community Room