GEO Hiring Black Caucus Project Managers

Black Caucus Project Manager Job Description


Job Responsibilities:


The Black Caucus Project Managers will report to the UAW 2322 President, GEO Steering Committee and the Black Caucus. The Black Caucus Project Manager will work with members of the Black Caucus and will act as a liaison between the Caucus and GEO leadership as well as the broader GEO Membership.


Job Objectives:

  • Facilitate the integration of issues concerning domestic and international Black and other graduate student-workers of Color with other GEO campaigns.

  • Create a more solid support system across departments/programs through the development of an information network of domestic and international Black and other graduate student-workers of Color.

  • Increase the membership and participation rate of Black and other graduate student-workers of Color within GEO.

Job Duties include, but are not limited to:


  • Carry-out duties and projects assigned by the Black Caucus General Body.

  • Coordinate Black August Welcome Reception

  • Coordinate Black Caucus Diversity Orientation

  • Confer with departments/programs to reach out to incoming Black and other graduates workers of Color.

  • Develop framework for surveying Black and other graduate-student workers of Color

  • Convene and propose agendas for Black Caucus meetings.

  • Record, document, and archive projects and campaigns carried out during the term.

  • Participate in Steering Committee Meetings per bylaws.

  • Serve as a liaison with GSS, Registered GSOs, RSOs and other departments as necessary for the performance of job duties.


We are hiring two (2) positions, 10 hours a week; for a period of 5 weeks beginning immediately upon hire. Funding for this position will come from GEO-UAW Local 2322, therefore applicants must legally qualify for employment with a non-university organization (UAW Local 2322). Applicant must be a member of GEO-UAW 2322 in good standing for two consecutive semesters prior to hire.

The salary is minimum rate of the GEO-Contract for Graduate Assistants. These positions are temporary and do not provide benefits or tuition waivers. GEO/UAW Local 2322 will provide training. People of Color and women are encouraged to apply.


In order to apply, please submit:

A resume.

A cover letter stating the reasons you are interested in the position and your qualifications.

Written answers to the following questions:

  1. What kind of union activism, organizing, community and/or volunteer experience do you have?


2.What skills do you possess that would be beneficial for this position?

  1. What other obligations do you have that would affect your availability during this 5 week period?


  1. Describe your background working with issues of social/racial justice. How do you

envision yourself bringing this experience into a campus/union atmosphere?


5.Describe any grassroots activist experiences in Black communities and/or communities of Color and with Black, or people of Color, community activists/organizers.



Applications should be emailed to by 5pm on Tuesday, August 18th. Candidates selected for an interview will be interviewed on Thursday, August 20th.

Health Insurance Reimbursement Process!

Dear GEO Members,

As you may be aware, in our most recent round of contract negotiations, your union bargaining committee won a new health insurance plan structure with significantly reduced out of pocket (OOP) maximums. This cap is retroactive and we have negotiated a reimbursement process for those who incurred out of pocket expenses of more than $1,500 for individuals or $4,500 for family plans during the Plan Year 2014-2015 (from August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015)

After August 1, University Health Services will receive a list of those who exceeded the retroactively applied OOP max from Consolidated Health Plans. In mid-August, those who are entitled to this reimbursement shall be notified via email and a letter to your last known address. **If you have moved, be sure to update your address in SPIRE**

If you are currently on UMass payroll, you will receive your reimbursement directly through payroll. If you are not on payroll during the summer or if you have graduated, you will receive a paper check. **Be sure to update your mailing address in SPIRE**.

This process will continue until all of those who are entitled to this reimbursement receive it, as claims may come in for an 18 month period. If you have any questions please contact UHS Patient Services: 413-577-5192 or

​In solidarity,
GEO-UAW 2322



For the Fall 2015 semester, the Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline will be the Add/Drop date: September 21, 2015. All enrollments need to be in by that date. If you have not enrolled yet, you may do so now!.

This needs to be done every semester for family plans, and any time you have less than five credits that semester or are on Continuous Enrollment. Only students with 5+ credits in a semester are automatically signed up for the SHBP.

Remember: If you are not enrolled for at least 5 credits you must enroll in person at UHS before September 21.

If you have 5+ credits in the Fall 2015 semester, and do not want the SHBP, you need to do the online waiver process. The waiver website opens July 26th and runs through September 21st.

Here are the instructions on how do their waiver:
Go to;
Select the Health Waiver page link;
Click the Online Waiver Site link; and
Complete and submit the waiver form.
Go to;
Start by Selecting UMass Amherst from the drop down box;
Next click on the “Waiver” tab located in the center of the page;
Enter your Student ID and Date of Birth, click “Continue”;
Complete all information as directed; and “Submit”;
Your request will NOT be completed until you:
– Check the box confirming that your information is correct;
– Provide your electronic signature; and
– Click the Submit button.
If you have any questions and/or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.