GSS walks to UMass Dartmouth to protest increased fees


GSS (Graduate Student Senate) and UMass grad students propose to
protest the UMass fee increase by walking 110 miles over a four day
period. We will walk from UMass Amherst at Haigis Mall at 9am on
Monday, February 23rd, and we will arrive at the Board of Trustees
meeting at the UMass Dartmouth campus on Friday the 27th. We see our
journey as a physical representation of the struggles that students
will face if the fee increases are ratified — an increase of $1,500
for Undergraduate students and up to $1,020 for Graduates.

We need your support. We are not asking for you to join us on our
walk, rather, to meet us and add your voice to ours at the Board of
Trustees meeting at UMass Dartmouth on Friday, February 27, at 9am.
There are buses available, leaving from Haigis Mall at 5am


This is in all of our best interests. There is a significant chance that this
fee increase is not necessary, that President Obama’s stimulus package
will make up for UMass’s massive deficit. The actual amounts
available to UMass from the stimulus package will be revealed over the
next couple of months, but the Board has chosen to vote to try to
increase fees regardless of this possibility…and the cold fact is
this: Fees never go back down. Once this increase is implemented, it
will become a way of life for us. We must stop it now.

Once again, the buses to the Board of Trustees leave Haigis Mall at
6am on Friday, February 27, 2009, and will return to Amherst by 1pm.
Meet us at the Board of Trustees meeting…with water.

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Bargaining Update

O% Pay Raise

GEO returned to the bargaining table last Monday February 2, heading
into our 8th month of negotiations. The University presented GEO with
a wage proposal on September 25th which included a three year contract
with an annual 2.5% pay increase. After consulting the membership,
GEO accepted this original offer, which the University, in light of
the progressive economic crisis refused to discuss. Susan Chinman,
the Universities Chief Negotiator refused to bargain over economic
issues up until the winter break.

Upon returning Monday, the university presented us with new economic
perimeters, officially withdrawing the original offer. The new offer
included a three year contract–with stipend “increases” as follows:
Effective August 31st, 2008, stipends increase in the amount of 0%, as
of August 30, 2009 stipends increase by 1.5%, and effective September
5, 2010 stipends will increase by 2.5%.

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