Give Your Input on Chancellor Holubs’ Job Performance

UMass Amherst Chancellor, Robert Holub, is currently undergoing a job performance review.  The community has been invited to share their thoughts with the committee, Board of Trustees and President of UMass system.

The entire list of evaluation issues of interest for them is available below, but a few are particularly relevant to GEO members.  Please take a minute to review Holub’s performance and send an email to by this Friday, May 6

Evaluation Issues:

• Development of a sense of unity, civility, purpose, momentum, and
growth on campus

• Effectiveness in choosing and working with his executive team,
maintaining good employee relations and encouraging good morale, and promoting affirmative action

• Effectiveness in establishing relations with faculty, staff and students

• Effectiveness in supporting, maintaining and enhancing the quality of the academic mission of the campus

• Success in maintaining and enhancing relations with alumni, external
funding agencies, Governor/legislature, state agencies, etc.

• Effectiveness in projecting an attractive image of the institution

• Development of well-articulated and detailed planning documents and policies, including mechanisms for implementing and revising these and explaining them to off-campus constituencies

• Effectiveness in supervising the overall allocation of campus
resources such as budget, personnel and physical plant

• Working relationship with the Chancellors, President and Board of Trustees

Additional issues to consider:

• Leadership in the development and implementation of long-term campus vision and strategic and fiscal plans

• Management of the campus’s transition in developing a stronger
research profile on campus

• Attention to issues of student satisfaction

• Success in developing the campus’s unique role in regional, social, and economic development

• Effectiveness in private fund-raising and generation of non-state

• Degree of contribution to the UMass system and collaboration with
other campuses in the UMass system

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