Solidarity with Northampton School Employees

Thursday, June 23, 6:30 pm
JFK Middle School
100 Bridge Road
Florence, MA

The Northampton school employees are being denied their collective bargaining rights! Due to a clause in the law called “fiscal exigency” the School Committee is refusing to bargain with Northampton School Employees. This law states that an employer can refuse to bargain in the event of a fiscal emergency which is not the case in this situation. Northampton school employees are being robbed of their right to bargain collectively.

The School Committee is also committing a breach of contract by refusing to grant step increases. These are not negotiable (unless reopened). They are part of the contract, which is a signed, ironclad agreement on wages and work conditions and mutual obligations between the Northampton School Employees and the City of Northampton.

When someone screws with an existing contract AND refuses to negotiate, that is called UNION BUSTING, and NOT BARGAINING IN GOOD FAITH.

Come out and show your support for the Northampton school employees prior to the School Committee meeting taking place at 7:15. We will be meeting in front of JFK Middle School and will be wearing blue and gold to show solidarity. Feel free to make signs and banners! All the support we can get is greatly appreciated!

Not only will members of the Northampton Association of School Employees receive no raises in the fiscal year that begins July 1, continuing the trend of the last several years, the School Committee has refused to open negotiations on the existing contract, which expires on June 30. As NASE President Sharon Carlson observed, “It basically feels like Wisconsin in Northampton.”

NASE has passed a motion of no confidence in the School Committee and called for the resignation of its members. It is now calling on other unions, community organizations, and community members to join them in picketing the meeting of the Northampton School Committee when it meets next Thursday, June 23. Further information is available on the Facebook description of the event is pasted below.

For further information, please contact:

Jillian Meghan Sullivan

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