UMass Director of Housing and Residential Life Nominated for National Scrooge of the Year Award

Congratulations to newly-hired UMass Director of Housing & Residential Life, Eddie Hull, for his recent nomination of Scrooge of the Year Award by Jobs with Justice for latest plans to fire 73 undergraduate employees at UMass-Amherst prior to the December holidays and radically reconfigure Housing & Residential Life to include more over-paid administrative positions.  Mr. Hull chose to announce this two weeks before the end of the fall semester.  When asked why no student workers had been involved in the decision to restructure these positions, Mr. Hull stated that there was more than one way to hear student concerns and “sometimes, students don’t need to be at the table to do this.”

Mr. Hull has the notoriety of being the first Western Massachusetts nominee for this national award. We want to make sure to congratulate him for such a distinction.  You can send him (and all his superiors!) a brief email message from the UAW 2322 website in order to help support workers and students at UMass Amherst.

Voting for the Scrooge of the Year Award began on December 15th and will conclude on December 21st with the announcement of the winner.  More information about the nominees and how to vote can be found at Scrooge of the Year Award.  Please take a moment to vote, and make sure to send Eddie and his bosses a note of congratulations!

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