Bylaws Committee: Finalized Bylaws Amendments for Membership Vote

The GEO Bylaws Committee has recommended two proposals to the membership for review and comment.  This posting and a membership email sent out today, Friday March 30, 2012, serve as notice under the GEO Bylaws, Article 16, that the Bylaws Committee intends to bring these amendments before the April 9, 2012 GEO Membership Meeting for an up or down vote.

These proposals include changes reflecting the comments of the membership we received through emails to and at the public meeting we held on Tuesday, March 27 from 4-5pm at the GEO Office.

These amendments are offered to the membership for an up-or-down vote.  Voting will occur at the GEO Membership Meeting on Monday, April 9 at 4pm in Campus Center 162 and in the GEO Office from 9am to 5pm on Thursday, April 5; Friday, April 6; and Monday, April 9.

The content of the proposed changes is available at the link below:

Thank you,

The GEO Bylaws Committee

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