Take Action to Protest the Unfair Firing of Ellen Martins, President of UAF-UAW Local 1596!

Please take a moment to send an email or call Marty Meehan, the Chancellor of UMass Lowell, or President of UMass Robert Caret to protest the firing of Ellen Martins, long-time adjunct professor and Union President.

From the UMass Lowell Union of Adjunct Faculty (UAF/UAW) Facebook page:

The Union of Adjunct Faculty, (UAF-UAW, Local 1596) filed charges with the Department of Labor Relations over the unfair firing of the Union President, Ellen Martins. The Union followed procedure and filed a grievance with the University, but both step one and two were denied, meaning that the University refused to change its decision. The Union of Adjunct Faculty will use every legal means to reverse this situation. Knowledge is power, so please distribute this widely. In the meantime, your protest letters are having an impact. We’ve lost count, but MANY letters have been sent. If you haven’t sent yours yet, please do it now.

Marty_Meehan@uml.edu, Phone: 978-934-2201
RCaret@umassp.edu, Phone: 617-287-7050

Your own words are best, but here’s a sample e-mail.

Dear President Caret and Chancellor Meehan,
I am writing to protest the firing of Ellen Martins, a member of the horn faculty with 28 years of exemplary service and the President of the Adjunct Faculty Union. Ms. Martins has a record of outstanding service to the University and consistently glowing student evaluations.
We question why Ms. Martins was replaced at this time by a faculty member in a non-union temporary position, who has no experience providing music instruction. Since this union was formed one year ago, Ms. Martins has led the newly formed adjunct union with professionalism and a desire to improve the educational experience of students at UMass Lowell. We expect UMass Lowell to respect labor unions, faculty and students.
I strongly encourage you to investigate this action and reinstate Ms. Martins.”

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