Health Insurance Reimbursement Process!

Dear GEO Members,

As you may be aware, in our most recent round of contract negotiations, your union bargaining committee won a new health insurance plan structure with significantly reduced out of pocket (OOP) maximums. This cap is retroactive and we have negotiated a reimbursement process for those who incurred out of pocket expenses of more than $1,500 for individuals or $4,500 for family plans during the Plan Year 2014-2015 (from August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015)

After August 1, University Health Services will receive a list of those who exceeded the retroactively applied OOP max from Consolidated Health Plans. In mid-August, those who are entitled to this reimbursement shall be notified via email and a letter to your last known address. **If you have moved, be sure to update your address in SPIRE**

If you are currently on UMass payroll, you will receive your reimbursement directly through payroll. If you are not on payroll during the summer or if you have graduated, you will receive a paper check. **Be sure to update your mailing address in SPIRE**.

This process will continue until all of those who are entitled to this reimbursement receive it, as claims may come in for an 18 month period. If you have any questions please contact UHS Patient Services: 413-577-5192 or

​In solidarity,
GEO-UAW 2322

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