Don’t Forget to Enroll in the Student Health Benefit Plan!

Dear GEO members,


For the Fall 2015 semester, the Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline will be the Add/Drop date: September 21, 2015.  All enrollments need to be in by that date. This needs to be done every semester for family plans, and any time the student has less than five credits that semester or if they are on Continuous Enrollment. 

**You must be enrolled in Continuous Enrollment by September 21st or more than 5 credits in order to receive health insurance***

Only students with 5+ credits in a semester are automatically signed up for the SHBP.

Remember: If you are not enrolled for at least 6 credits you must enroll in person at UHS before September 21.

If a student has 5+ credits in the Fall 2015 semester, and they do not want the SHBP, they need to do the online waiver process.  The waiver website opens July 26th and runs through September 21st.  That gives the students about two months to waive the SHBP if they do not wish to have it.  Here are the instructions on how do their waiver:

Go to;

  • Select the Health Waiver page link;
  • Click the Online Waiver Site link; and
  • Complete and submit the waiver form.


Go to;

  • Start by Selecting UMass Amherst from the drop down box;
  • Next click on the “Waiver” tab located in the center of the page;
  • Enter your Student ID and Date of Birth, click “Continue”;
  • Complete all information as directed; and “Submit”;
  • Your request will NOT be completed until you:
    – Check the box confirming that your information is correct;
    – Provide your electronic signature; and
    – Click the Submit button.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


In solidarity,

GEO Leadership and Staff

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