Hiring Notice: Black Caucus Coordinator

Black Caucus Coordinator



The Black Caucus Coordinator addresses the unique needs and issues of both domestic and international Black graduate student-workers and graduate student-workers of Color in our bargaining unit. The Black Caucus Coordinator position responds to GEO’s recognition that this population faces workplace challenges such as unfair labor practices, racism, xenophobia and sexism that are directly and uniquely related to their racial/ethnic identities. In addition, the Black Caucus Coordinator positions responds to GEO’s recognition that the target population makes up a significant portion of our bargaining unit and membership, that is nonetheless underrepresented in GEO leadership and participation.


Job Responsibilities:

The Black Caucus Coordinator will work with members of the Black Caucus and act as a liaison between the Caucus and GEO leadership as well as the broader GEO Membership. The Black Caucus Coordinator works closely with UAW2322 Servicing Representatives in the performance of these duties. The Black Caucus Coordinator is directly supervised by the 3 co-chairs of the Black Caucus, the GEO Steering Committee and the UAW 2322 President.


Job Objectives:

  • Facilitate the integration of employment issues concerning domestic and international Black and other graduate student-workers of Color with other GEO campaigns.
  • Create a solid support system amongst Black and graduate student-workers of Color across departments/programs through the development of an information network between GEO, the Black Caucus, and the Graduate Student Senate.
  • Increase the membership and participation rate of Black and other graduate student-workers of Color within GEO.
  • Foster a race-conscious engagement with GEO’s contract to ensure equitable enforcement of contract.

Job Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Convene, propose, and organize agendas for Black Caucus meetings
  • Facilitate, organize, and run Black Caucus meetings and events
  • Participate in Steering Committee Meetings per GEO-UAW bylaws
  • Serve as a liaison between GSS, registered GSOs, and other departments/programs and schools as necessary for the performance of job duties
  • Work with GEO Leadership, Grievance Coordinator and Black Caucus to address labor concerns and ensure equitable enforcement of the GEO contract
  • Participate in the ongoing planning and evaluation of GEO’s and the Black Caucus’ organizing efforts
  • Record, document, and archive projects, campaigns, and membership concerns carried out during the term
  • Carry-out miscellaneous duties immediately necessary for the Black Caucus



We are hiring one (1) benefitted position, 20 hours a week; for a period of 38 weeks beginning in September of 2015. Funding for this position will come from GEO-UAW Local 2322, therefore applicants must legally qualify for employment with a non-university organization (UAW Local 2322). We are seeking candidates with experience working with underrepresented minority communities, as well as experience organizing events and meetings. See attached job description for more details.

Every organizing position also comes with the requirement that the organizer be willing to help out in campaigns and organizing projects that are not narrowly related to their specialty, particularly at times when tasks within their organizing specialty are not at peak periods of intensity. Organizers are thus responsible for all aspects of assistance in the union’s organizing campaigns, including campaign start-up, committee building, assessments, developing literature, running meetings and workplace actions.

All employees are expected to devote a portion of their paid working hours to office management tasks (i.e. holding office hours, answering phones, taking messages, in-taking grievances, greeting members who come into the office, etc.) and to attend meetings as required, including regular staff meetings. Some night and weekend hours may be required.


Applicants must have been GEO members for 2 consecutive semesters prior to the hire.


In order to apply, please submit:

A resume.

A cover letter stating the reasons you are interested in the position and your qualifications.

A completed GEO Staff Application Form: https://www.geouaw.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/GEO-Staff-Application-Form.pdf

Be prepared to bring proof of your student status to your interview (e.g. a letter from your GPD confirming your status). Also, international students need to provide their work authorization documents.

Applications should be emailed to hiring@geouaw.org, applications are due by September 25, 2015.

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