GEO Nominations Close Tomorrow (Wed. Sept 16)!

Dear GEO Members,

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 16)  is the last day to nominate yourself or someone else to fill an open GEO position. The co-chair position is a 20-hr assistantship–perfect for a colleague who is ready to leverage their passion for supporting grad students into funding for the year! Any of these positions are great resume builders and an excellent way to give back to your grad student community. Please see the original call for nominations below for more info.

In solidarity,
Carly Houston Overfelt
On behalf of the Elections Committee

Dear GEO Members,

Nominations are currently open for a few elected GEO positions, and we
need a full crew going into the new academic year! Please see below
for nomination calls for each position, including information about
each position and the nomination/election process for that position.
Any full member in good standing may nominate themselves or another
member in good standing for any of these positions.

Nominations are now open for:

* 1 GEO Co-chair (20 hr. contract)

* 1 Steering Committee Member At-Large (volunteer position)

* 1 GEO Representative to the UAW 2322 Joint Council (volunteer position)

**GEO Co-chair (1)**

Information about the Co-chair position:

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: organizing and
overseeing the election of Stewards in departments and/or work sites;
chairing Steering Committee meetings and general
membership meetings and ensuring agendas are set for both; and acting
as primary GEO representatives to the Joint Council of Local 2322 and
therefore attending Joint Council meetings. Except where otherwise
noted, the co-chairs shall be considered to be the official
representatives of GEO to the Administration and in all external
relations; sign agreements between GEO and the University (with
approval of the General Membership and/or Assembly of Stewards); serve
as liaisons for the Steering Committee to the Staff; ensure GEO
representation at Central Labor Council meetings; speak on behalf of
GEO to media, the University, etc., and manage the production of media
and publicity; act as primary liaisons between GEO and other Unions;
oversee publication of GEO newsletter and web page; organizing
Standing Committees; and assist the union in achieving its overall
mission in the workplace.

Nomination process:

Nominate yourself or someone else in writing to the Steering
Committee. You can email this nomination to
Nominations are due September 16th. The election will be held at the
first GEO membership meeting on October 1st.

**Steering Committee At-Large Member (1)**

Information about the Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day
operation of the unit including, but not limited to: the direction of
the day-to-day operations of the organization; the oversight of the
staff; preparation and submission of all proposals, budgets, budget
requisitions and budget modifications to the Assembly of Stewards for
approval; coordination and oversight of standing committees; the
appropriate maintenance of the health of the organization; management
and execution of the budget; all correspondence and relations between
the leadership, the Assembly of Stewards and the membership; and all
external relations excepting those duties specifically proscribed for
other committees (such as the Bargaining Committee).
The Steering Committee shall meet at least two times a month during
the academic year. The committee shall meet once a month at other
times. Additional meetings can be called as needed by the officers.

Nomination Process:

Nominate yourself or someone else in writing to the Steering
Committee. You can email this nomination to
Nominations are due September 16th. The election will be held at the
first GEO membership meeting on October 1st.

**Joint Council Member (1)**

Information about the Joint Council:

The Joint Council includes proportional representation from the
various shops in our amalgamated union, the UAW 2322. As one of those
shops, GEO elects and sends its own representatives to the Joint
Council meetings, which are held once a month, and rotate between the
UMass campus and the 2322 office in Holyoke.

Nomination Process: Please come to the first GEO membership meeting
this semester on October 1 to nominate yourself, or issue a statement
to be read on your behalf.

If you have any questions regarding the elections or nominations
processes, please do not hesitate to email the Elections Committee at

In Solidarity,

Carly Houston Overfelt,
on behalf of the Elections Committee

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