Notice of Election for GEO Mobilization Coordinator

The position of Mobilization Coordinator position was recently vacated.  GEO will be holding an interim election to fill the position for the remainder of the 2015-2016 academic year. Please see below for the nomination call, including information about the position and the nomination/election process.  Any full member in good standing may nominate themselves or another member in good standing for this position.

Nominations are now open for Mobilization Coordinator (20 hr. contract).

Mobilization Coordinator (1)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: supervising membership drives; assisting in boosting attendance; attending Steering and Assembly of Stewards meetings; introducing all new members and visitors; assisting the GEO Co-Chairs in preserving order when called upon to do so; ensuring that minutes are taken at all GEO meetings; maintaining records of organization; submitting requisitions to the Local and International as needed; planning and administering GEO operating budget and chairing the GEO Finance Committee; facilitating GEO sponsorship of events and organizations; taking charge of all property of GEO not otherwise provided for; monitoring and giving guidance on procedural questions and rules; ensuring that those attending GEO meetings are either members or invited visitors; assuming duties of the Co-Chairs if they are unavailable; and assisting the union in achieving its overall mission in the workplace.

Nomination Process:

Nominate yourself or someone else for the position of Mobilization Coordinator via email to the Steering Committee at Nominations are due by 11:59pm Friday October 30.

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