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It is end of the year giving time!
Geo is interested in giving a donation to a few charities of your choice on behalf of its members.
Have a charity or cause you would like to see your union to support?

Do two things:

1) Send a donation proposal to with ‘donation’ in the subject line.
In the proposal include name of the group, what they do, and their nonprofit tax code.

If they are not a tax exempt organization then we can still donate, but will have to create a ‘donation plan’ (it takes some explaining) email us for details on how to create a ‘donation plan’ for your charity of choice ASAP so we can help you make one for your proposal.

We will be accepting proposals until Monday, December 5th at 11:59PM
So dont be late!

2) Come to the membership meeting Thursday December 8th at 6PM at Earthfoods in the Student Union and make a motion to support your cause.

Let’s better our community, together! from Graduate Employee Organization (GEO-UAW)

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