Information from the GEO Elections Committee:

  1. Nominations for Vice President are now closed.
  2. Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer will close at 5pm today, January 22, 2010
  3. Nominations for President have been reopened, see below for the announcement.



The President’s responsibilities will include but are not limited too:

Organizing and overseeing the election of Stewards in departments and/or work sites; chairing Steering Committee meetings and General Membership meetings and ensuring; agendas are set for both; Supervising membership drives; primary GEO representative to the Joint Council of Local 2322 and must attend Joint Council meetings; except where otherwise noted, the President shall be considered to be the official representative of GEO to the Administration and in all external relations; signs agreements between GEO and the University (with approval of the General Membership and/or Assembly of Stewards); shall serve as Liaison for the Steering Committee to the Staff and its Staff Coordinator; responsible for ensuring GEO representation at Labor Council/Leadership Coalition meetings; speaks on behalf of GEO to media, the University, etc.; acts as primary Liaison between GEO and other Unions.

Full members in good standing may nominate themselves or any other full member in good standing for any office. (Per Article 3‐ Membership of GEO bylaws: A graduate employee of the University of Massachusetts who is included in the bargaining unit is eligible for full membership during the term of employment. A full member in good standing who ceases to be included in the bargaining unit may remain a full member through the next semester plus one day, provided they retain their graduate student status. Summer session is not defined as a semester.)

A candidate for President or Vice President must be a full member in good standing, which includes current status as graduate student, as defined as in the GEO By‐laws Article 3.

For the academic year in which they serve, the three officers will each receive one full time equivalent (FTE) stipend so long as such stipends are provided by the University.

Nominations should be submitted in writing in person to the GEO office, 201 Student Union or via email to no later than 5pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

**GEOUAW 2322 is an equal opportunity employer. Eligible members from

**Underrepresented groups are encouraged to seek election.**

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