Caucuses & Committees

The GEO-facilitated caucuses and committees aim to address concerns and interests of traditionally underrepresented groups on campus. We generally meet to discuss issues and craft advocacy strategies that advance social justice. Such strategies may range from taking overt political action to holding social and educational events to sensitize the campus community about our concerns.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by GEO’s Secretary Treasurer, David Wemhoener, who can be reached at

International Students’ Caucus

GEO’s International Students’ Caucus addresses issues that uniquely affect international students who are GEO members. Such issues may include but not limited to:  immigration and civil rights; xenophobia; and cross-cultural challenges. Further, the caucus hosts and promotes educational, social and cultural events that are of interest to International students.  The International Students’ Coordinator coordinates meetings and can be contacted at

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee combines the Women’s Caucus, Queer Caucus, and Civil Rights Committee.   The Diversity Coordinator coordinates meetings and can be reached at

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is currently chaired by GEO President, Derek Doughty, who can be reached at