Introducing your 2015-2016 GEO officers

Dear GEO Members,

As your semester winds down, don’t forget to congratulate your incoming 2015-2016 GEO officers:

Anais Surkin
Santiago Vidales

Membership Coordinator:
Avery Furst

Steering At-Large Member:
Anna Waltman

Please keep in mind that the Steering Committee is still short one “at large” member and nominations will likely be opened again for this position in Fall 2015. Finally, while the Elections Co usually does not publicly post the final count, any member interested in those details, voter turnout, etc., can email us at for more information. Thanks to all those who nominated themselves or others! And thanks to all those who turned out to the polls!

Best wishes and solidarity,
Carly Houston Overfelt
on behalf of the Elections Committee