Hiring Notice: GEO Grievance Coordinator 2014-2015

Hiring Notice: GEO Grievance Coordinator 2014-2015


The Grievance Coordinator will solicit member concerns to determine which are contract violations, and which are issues to organize around. If the University violates the contract, the procedure for seeking redress is the grievance process; in conjunction with the UAW 2322 Servicing Representatives, the GEO Grievance Coordinator is responsible for managing this process.

Successful applicants will need to have a detailed familiarity with the GEO contract, be comfortable with administrative and legal procedures, and have a commitment to upholding the contract. Attention to detail, strong research and interpersonal skills, assertiveness and diplomacy in relations with University administrators, persistence, and ability to follow-through are essential for this job. Experience working with union contracts and knowledge of state labor laws is preferable.

Strong preference will be given to GEO members that have previous GEO experience, including active participation with campaigns and committees. All members in good standing of GEO-UAW 2322 for the two consecutive semesters prior to applying are eligible to apply. Applicants must be committed to the principles of social justice and collective action. All GEO employees should also demonstrate willingness to work towards the union’s collective goals and a commitment to being part of an organization that is fighting for progressive change on the UMass campus and beyond.

The core responsibilities for this position are investigating potential contract violations, speaking to GEO members who feel their rights have been violated, filing grievances, attending grievance hearings, and monitoring the resolution of grievances. The Grievance Coordinator works closely with UAW 2322 Servicing Representatives in the performance of these duties. The Grievance Coordinator is directly supervised by the UAW 2322 President and the GEO Steering Committee.

Additional duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Educating members about the grievance procedure and providing training and support to stewards so they can handle the first step of grievances.

2. Organizing around grievances by working with stewards as well as Servicing Reps and GEO-UAW elected leadership.

3. Assisting with the process of publicizing successful grievances.

4. Contributing content to the GEO website and other media as appropriate.

All employees are expected to devote a portion of their paid working hours to office management tasks (i.e. holding office hours, answering phones, taking messages, in-taking grievances, greeting members who come into the office, etc.) and to attend meetings as required, including regular weekly staff meetings. Some night and weekend hours may be required.

This position is for 20 hours per week for the 2014-2015 academic year with a prospective start date of the first week of June. The salary is the same as the average campus-wide stipend. GEO/UAW Local 2322 will provide training. People of color and women are encouraged to apply.

In order to apply, please submit:

1. A resume.

2. A cover letter stating the reasons you are interested in the position and your qualifications.

3. A completed GEO grievance coordinator application. You can download the application by clicking here.

4. Be prepared to bring proof of your student status to your interview (e.g. a letter from your GPD confirming your status).

Applications should be emailed to personnel@geouaw.org by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 25, 2014. Interviews will be on a rolling basis.

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Candidates in 2014-2015 GEO Election

The following are the candidates in the upcoming GEO election. GEO and UAW 2322 do not endorse any of these candidates.

GEO Co-Chairs:

Luke Pretz (click here to read candidate statement)

Anais Surkin (click here to read candidate statement)

Anna Waltman (click here to read candidate statement)

Steering At-Large Member:

Eric Hoyt (click here to read candidate statement)

Mobilization Coordinator:

Yetunde Ajao (click here to read candidate statement)

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Remember to Vote in the GEO Elections this week!

Dear GEO members,

Just a reminder about the upcoming elections this week! Be sure to come and vote for your GEO officers and to approve the changes to the GEO Bylaws! Voting will take place at the following times:

Thursday, April 10, 2pm – 5pm (Campus Center Concourse)
Friday, April 11, 9am – 1pm (Campus Center Concourse)
Monday, April 14, 3pm – 5pm (Campus Center Concourse)

Voting will complete during the GEO Membership Meeting in Campus Center Room 168, from 5pm – 6pm. ON THE BALLOT:

GEO Co-Chairs (2)
Mobilization Coordinator
At-Large member, Steering Committee
Ratification of proposed changes to the GEO bylaws

Be sure to check out the proposed changes to the bylaws, available here, if you haven’t already.


The Bylaws Committee and Elections Committee

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GEO Election Reminder

Dear GEO Members,

Please come out and vote in the two upcoming GEO elections this month. Voters may be asked to show ID at the polling station. See below for reminders and details:

GEO Officers Election

This election will fill the following positions: two Co-chairs, the Mobilization Coordinator, and a Steering Committee At-Large Member.

Voting will take place over the course of three days:

Thursday April 10; Campus Center Concourse; 2pm-5pm

Friday April 11; Campus Center Concourse; 9am-1pm

Monday April 14; Campus Center Concourse from 3pm-5pm

Monday April 14; Voting will complete during the GEO Membership Meeting in Campus Center Room 168; 5pm-6pm

For more information about these positions and the candidates, visit the GEO website at geouaw.org.

GEO-UAW2322 Constitutional Convention Delegate Election

This election will choose three delegates to send to the 2014 UAW Constitutional Convention, which happens once every four years. The person with the fourth highest number of votes will be an Alternate to the convention.

Voting will take place over the course of two days:

Wednesday April 23; Campus Center Room 801; 9am-5pm

Thursday April 24; Campus Center Room 801; 9am-5pm

In Solidarity,

GEO Elections Committee






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